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Colección Simbiótica

Colección Simbiótica

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Monte y Tierra: Paleta Simbiótica is a collaboration between watercolors created by Karla Claudio and Zoils & Pigments. It includes botanical pigments from the Monte (wild) and mineral pigments from the Tierra (earth).


Enjoy this symbiosis in a set with mini pans.


  1. Azul blend – botanical pigments from indigo, umber from PA, charcoal and chalk from Guánica, PR. **
  2. Campeche + iron (botanical) *
  3. Blue maya **
  4. Campeche *
  5. Aguacate * 
  6. Blend Naranja – iron oxides from Puerto Rico
  7. Green blend – indigo, zeolite, yellow from Coto soil and chalk from Guánica **


*Botanical pigments have lower lightfastness than mineral pigments.

**Colors with a blend, such as Mayan blue, have their lightfastness improved by binding to mineral particles.  

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