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Singles - Ocres del Oeste

Singles - Ocres del Oeste

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Ocres del Oeste Collection 

Color No. 1 - Red ochre - Rosario soil series (#Ox102) - From Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico; The dark reddish-brown color of this soil originates exclusively from the western region of Puerto Rico and is formed from serpentinite rock. This soil is notable for its high clay and iron oxide content and manganese-iron concretions, resulting in a deeper and more vibrant hue.

Color No. 2 - Yellow ochre - Coto soil series (#Ox112) - From Isabela, Puerto Rico; The ocher shade of this pigment originates from soils prevalent in the central and northeastern parts of Puerto Rico. The unique color of these soils can be attributed to the abundance of clay minerals known as goethite.

Color No. 3 - Deep brown - Fraternidad soil series (#Erts303) - From Lajas, Puerto Rico; The deep brown hue of this color comes from soils located in the southern region of Puerto Rico. An interesting feature of soils in the Vertisol order is their high content of smectite-type clays, known for their property of expanding and contracting. This phenomenon causes significant cracks to form in the soil.

Color No. 4 - Sienna - Guanajibo soil series (#Ults102) - From Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico; This soil series is distinguished by the occurrence of plinthite, a material that exhibits speckled shades of yellow and red, influenced by processes of reduction, oxidation; deposition, and depletion – an intricate and poetic interplay. These patterns are formed due to water movements, and we can also notice the presence of iron oxides like hematite and goethite within the soil.

Color No. 5 - Brown - Daguey-Humatas (#OxUlts) - From Mayagüez, Puerto Rico; This color is the product of an association of soils from the Daguey and Humatas series. A soil association refers to units composed of multiple types of soils. Soil series can form Catenas (sequences of soils) within the same landscape when they share common characteristics in their formation processes.

Color No. 6 -  Gray - Cuchillas soil series (#Epts372) From Yauco, Puerto Rico; The gray hue of this pigment is derived from a soil belonging to the Inceptisol order, which is the most prevalent soil order in Puerto Rico. The Cuchillas soils are formed from volcanic rock as their parent material and possess a loamy-silty texture. Interestingly, some layers of this soil have a soft and powdery feel, akin to touching baby talcum powder.

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