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Singles - Happy Valley

Singles - Happy Valley

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Happy Valley Collection 

Color No. 13 - College Blue (#Alfs26in) From State College, PA; This blue comes from the alchemy of botanical pigments from the indigo plant fixed in a matrix of 3D clays. The magic comes from having an undertone of brown (burnt umber) from the Opequon soil series.

Color No. 14 - Light Gray - Andover soil series (#Ults45) From State College, PA; The light brownish-gray hue is attributed to the Andover soil series, which possesses its distinct personality characterized by a coarse texture, clay films, and iron accumulation.

Color No. 15 - Orange sienna - Hagerstown soil series (#Alfs220) State College, PA; The sienna shade in this collection originates from the Hagerstown series, which comprises of deep, adequately drained soils created from the residual deposits of dense, gray limestone. The color is derived from a horizon abundant in iron oxides and iron manganese stains.

Color No. 16 - Red purplish - Calvin soil series (#Epts322) Port Matilda, PA; The deep reddish-brown hue is sourced from the Calvin soil series, which consists of soils developed from the residual deposits of red, non-calcareous shale, siltstone, and sandstone. These soils are widespread, so take a drive around Happy Valley and admire the reddish soils that adorn the landscape.

Color No. 17 - Yellow -  Hublersburg soil series (#Ults322) State College, PA; The yellowish brown shade resembles the dawn on a foggy morning. This delightful color is derived from the Hublersburg soil series, specifically gathered from a silty clay loam horizon. This unique gem can be discovered in Central and South Central Pennsylvania.

Color No. 18 - Light brown-greenish - Opequon soil series (#Alfs26) State College, PA; The brown shade is sourced from the Opequon soil series, a shallow soil rich in limestone. The brown hue reflects the raw color of the upper horizons of this soil.

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