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Singles - DeTemporada

Singles - DeTemporada

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Color No. 19 - Teal Blue made with indigo (botanical pigment), burn umber from State College, PA, Charcoal and chalk from Guanica, Puerto Rico

Color No. 20 - Greenery made with coto soil series (#Ox112) from Isabela, Puerto Rico; paint No. 8 (#Epts14) and chalk from Guanica, Puerto Rico. 

Color No. 21 - Yellow Orange made with Coto soil series (#ox112), Guanajibo soil series, Rosario soil series, and chalk from Guanica, Puerto Rico

Color No. 22 - Orange red made with Guanajibo soil series and Rosario soil series, chalk from Guanica, Puerto Rico

 Color No. 24 - Red (#Ox102bixa), - Granular paint - born from the blood that unites all people of Black African ancestry. Enriched with iron oxides of the hematite variety from the Rosario soil series, a hint of ink derived from the Bixa orellana plant (achiote) and silver mica powder (synthetic), sparkling our path to freedom.

Color No. 25 - Yellow (#Ox112cur), a chromatic tribute to the essence of optimism and the eternal sunshine that graces the African continent. This yellow is derived from the Coto soil series, infused with Curcuma.

Color No. 26 - Green (#Ox112ind), a chromatic symphony that celebrates the abundant natural wealth that flourishes upon African continent. This green emerges an interplay between nature's pigments: yellow of the Coto soil series and a touch of blue, extracted from the indigo plant.

Color No. 27 - Brownish (#earthchar), - Granular paint - symbolizes all Black people and their unique heritages and cultures. This color is crafted from the fusion of dark soil, the essence of charcoal, a symbol of transformation and rebirth, and shimmers of black mica.

Mushroom lake pigments 

Color No. 23 the pink color obtained in the lake pigment from lobster mushroom (not harvested by us). This color does not have good lightfastness as paints derived from mineral pigments or botanical pigments fixed in clays. 

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