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Witching hour - dots card

Witching hour - dots card

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Soil based (Cuchillas Soil series), but the colors comes from added Pigments certified Non-toxic plus charcoal and calcium carbonate de la casa. 

Well well, according to chat GTP: The term "witching hour" traditionally refers to the time of night, often around midnight, that is believed to be associated with supernatural events, magic, and witches.

Buuuuut, I am calling this special like that in honor to.the witching hour of my son, almost 2 months of age.

"In the context of babies, the term "witching hour" is often used to describe a period of increased fussiness, crying, or unsettled behavior, typically occurring in the late afternoon or evening. This can be common in infants around 2 months of age and may last for a few hours each day."

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