Our endeavors



Tradition and Innovation

      Zoils & Pigments blends ancestral techniques with modern science, combining traditional methods of creating pigments with contemporary knowledge and practices. This is part of our commitment, to preserve heritage while embracing innovation.

Environmental Consciousness

     We strive to have a positive impact on the environment by using non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients in our art supplies. Our medium ingredients are food grade (i.e., gum arabic) and/or high quality. 

     Soil and mineral samples are exclusively collected from areas that are accessible, legally permissible, not known to be contaminated, and don’t promote deterioration of the landscape. Our botanical pigments are derived from plants cultivated by local farms.

Embrace Connection

    We emphasize the importance of building a personal connection with materials and their origins. By sourcing pigments directly from the diverse soils and sharing information about each pigment's identity and characteristics, we encourage people to appreciate the rich diversity of the natural world.

Community Involvement

     We are committed to benefiting society and donate 10% of sales (net profits) to soil conservation projects. Through your support, we have contributed to the following initiatives: 
          - Protectores de cuencas 
          - Finca Montegrande
          - Finca La Corilla  
          - Arte-Suelo-Ser Inc. 
          - Finca La Comarka 

About Rosario #Ox102

The dark reddish brown color comes from the Rosario series. It is a unique soil of the western area of Puerto Rico, formed with parent material of serpentinite rock. Approximately 135 km2 of serpentinite is distributed throughout southwestern Puerto Rico as three separate, elongated serpentinite belts: in Monte del Estado, Sierra Bermeja serpentinite and Río Guanajibo (Roehrig et al., 2015).

Rosario soils are characterized by being rich in clays and iron oxides. In addition, it may contain manganese-iron concretions, giving a darker and more intense color. This is a shallow soil and belongs to the Oxisol order.