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Happy Valley Collection

Happy Valley Collection

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This is a palette consisting of six colors that represent the joy and happiness of Happy Valley in Central Pennsylvania. The chosen pigments aim to reflect the diverse range of soils found in the region.

You will find a radiant yellow shade reminiscent of the warm sun that illuminates Happy Valley's picturesque landscapes; a blue hue that captures the grandeur of the mountains surrounding Happy Valley, and an inviting orange shade symbolizing the vibrant fall foliage that blankets Happy Valley in a breathtaking display of colors, capturing the essence of autumn.



College Blue #Alfs26in (indigo+clays+burnt umber)
Andover #Ults45 (light brownish-gray)
Hagerstown #Alfs220 (sienna)
Calvin #Epts322 (deep reddish-brown)
Hublersburg #Ults322 (yellowish brown)
Opequon #Alfs26 (brown umber)



Wood (Handcrafted) - each color is ~3 mL  (comes in our custom box*)

Metal tins - each color is ~ 1 mL

Plastic half-pans - each color is ~1.8 mL  (comes in our custom box*)


*Custom boxes are perfect for gifts!!! 

Each variant comes with a brochure with information of the collection and the origin of each color.

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